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Bernadette Costello’s interview with former world boxing champ Joe Calzaghe for Square Mile Magazine

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Will investors go nuts for Brazil property market in the run-up to Olympics and football World Cup?

Posted by on Jun 14, 2011 in Costello Media | 0 comments

‘Lucky Lula’ left Brazil in good shape when he handed over the reins to the country’s first female president, Dilma Rousseff, in January this year. ‘Lucky’ because he inherited a healthy economy from predecessor Fernando Cardoso – and Lula is also partly credited with helping the country’s aim to become the world’s fifth largest economy over the next decade. Brazil’s turnaround since the mid-1990s has been impressive and analysts don’t see a return to its high-inflation days any time soon. The country is not without its critics, of course, who say the government is overspending in socio-economic areas and capital inflow is putting pressure on its currency. But for now, there is no sign of the BRIC economy falling out of favour. Bloomberg reported that foreign direct investment in January 2011 was $15.4bn – three times more than predicted....

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