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270,000 reasons to plan your marketing

Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Costello Media | 0 comments

AROUND 270,000 new businesses open up every year in the UK, according to the Department of Business Innovation & Skills. But will they all stand out from the rest, or will some put their marketing and PR aside till they’ve grown their businesses through sales and word of mouth? Some of these 270,000 will concentrate purely on sales in the first couple of years before planning their marketing and PR strategy. Driving awareness of their brand seems to be the last thing on their agenda. Then, after a while, these new businesses will sit up and realise they’ve actually achieved some really great things, but people are still yet to read about their products or services. Not planning your PR and marketing when you launch a start-up makes it more difficult for you to build your profile. Whether you’re...

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A lesson in communication from a Somerset cider man

Posted by on Jul 3, 2011 in Costello Media | 2 comments

    Henry Hobhouse uses local stories, knowledge and wit to sell his products direct – actions that social media gurus encourage you to take when communicating online with customers MEANDERING through a food and drink fair outside London’s Royal Festival Hall at the weekend my brother and I were stopped and asked this question by a jolly English gentleman: “Would you like to try my cider?” As we happily watched him pour out two samples, we were unaware that old Etonian Henry Hobhouse was working his magic sales charm on us. And while we left with a greater interest in the Somerset cider industry, we were also a little lighter in cash. My brother and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with honest Henry and both agreed he was the best salesman we’ve ever come across. He sold his...

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