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Harpers Wine & Spirit Design Awards – and the winners are….

Posted by on Jun 23, 2011 in Costello Media | 0 comments

I WAS delighted to be a judge at this year’s Harpers Wine &  Spirit Design Awards for wine labels – and what worthy winners. Matching each design brief to its final label design gave us a great insight to how effectively a design agency team has listened to its client. Copywriters also need a special mention as part of the process. The winning labels had some effective back label text but other great label designs were let down by poorly written copy. Sometimes you couldn’t even read the text, some back labels had too much detail while others didn’t name the grape varieties used. You didn’t know whether to blame the writer, the producer or the designer for these simple mistakes. A producer trying to tempt consumers to pick their wine off the shelf needs to work with an...

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