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Enjoy tasty nights out at Hereford’s historical Castle House Hotel!

Posted by on Apr 21, 2017 in Costello Media, Events, Food & Drink | 0 comments

IN THE early 18th century, a local entrepreneur built two Regency villas alongside the ruins of Hereford Castle. Little did this Hereford gentleman know that his magnificent home would benefit so many people for centuries to come. Today, this ancient building is home to the exquisite Castle House Hotel, Hereford city’s only boutique hotel. Castle House offers resplendent views of Hereford Cathedral and its beautiful garden has the old castle moat running through it. Castle House is family-owned and run by the Watkins family whose produce from their kitchen gardens and farm at Ballingham Hall are used in the wonderful cuisine found here. The fine dining restaurant is run by the very talented executive head chef Claire Nicholls who combines her many wonderful ideas for dishes with the fantastic local produce of Herefordshire’s own food and drink producers. Claire is also...

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Hop Kilns Vineyard to start sparkling wine production

Posted by on Sep 27, 2016 in Costello Media, Drink, Food & Drink | 0 comments

THE FROME Valley in Bromyard has been home to hop-growing since the 16th century and the region’s famous hop kiln rooftops form part of the idyllic character of its surrounding villages. Over the centuries, hop waste has provided a nutrient-rich component to the south-facing slopes here – thus making the Frome Valley perfect for growing vines. In 2008, the owner of one former hop kiln house in the village of Avenbury, had the soil tested on his south facing slopes. It confirmed that his soil was perfect for wine production. Over the next two years, Hugh Raven fulfilled his lifelong ambition to start his own vineyard and Hop Kilns Vineyard was born. “I chose a single grape variety, Solaris, and planted every single vine myself,” explains wine producer Hugh. Every harvest, he and wife Jane enlist the help of friends and family to pick the...

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The Ludlow Food Centre shows its support for local farmers and artisan producers

Posted by on Feb 2, 2015 in Costello Media, Food & Drink | 0 comments

The award-winning Ludlow Food Centre is one of the biggest supporters of local food and drink producers in Britain with 80% of its produce coming from Shropshire and its surrounding counties. The food centre has eight glass-fronted kitchens to enable customers to watch the team making jams, breads and to also admire their butchering skills. The Clive Restaurant is part of this special site on the Earl of Plymouth’s 8,000-acre estate. In Ludlow town centre you’ll find The Ludlow Kitchen, which is open seven days a week and sells seasonally inspired, local dishes, mostly sourced from the Ludlow Food Centre. Here, Tom Hunt from the Ludlow Food Centre tells us about their commitment to offering quality local produce from farmers and local artisans in The Marches: “Ludlow Food Centre is a unique food producer and retailer. In 2013 The Food Centre was voted Britain’s Best Farm Shop...

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New service for Britain makes its home in The Marches

Posted by on Oct 18, 2013 in Costello Media, Drink, Events, News, Places to visit & stay | 0 comments

A NEW business has opened in The Marches and it’s promising to bring a completely new service, which has never been done before. Herefordshire-based Butler & Parker has taken a concept that works successfully in Canada and New Zealand and introduced it to Britain for the first time. Called ‘companion driving’, each driver provides a friendly driving service for people who also need additional help if needed – this could be taking the elderly to the hospital or shopping, and then unpacking when they get back. Day trips, airport drop-offs and help with checking in, and even the school run are also offered by the new service. All Butler & Parker drivers are trained in first aid and wear smart, branded uniforms. The firm charges for the driver’s time, rather than mileage for each job. Each driver is very heavily vetted and...

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All about the blogs of Taste The Marches

Posted by on Oct 14, 2013 in Costello Media, Drink, Events, Food & Drink, News, Places to visit & stay | 0 comments

TASTE THE MARCHES is a new blog that reviews the food and drink of Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire and Gloucestershire. Whether you’re a visitor or resident of this beautiful corner of England you’ll find a range of blogs such as interviews with food and drink producers, reviews of great places to stay and food festivals in The Marches. Into the outdoors? So are we. We also bring you great walks that are in abundance in this part of the world. Love your cooking? Us too, and over the coming months we’ll be bringing you recipes that use the fantastic food produced in these four counties. At the end of every blog post our very own Mr Pheasant gives his “bird-ict” on what he thought of the experience. And because we’re only interested in showcasing what’s great about our beautiful region, you...

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Retailer profile: Tanners Wines, from Shropshire roots to national treasure

Posted by on Sep 26, 2013 in Costello Media, Drink, Places to visit & stay | 0 comments

As Tanners Wine Merchants celebrates 170 years, Bernadette Costello talks to fourth generation James Tanner about its growth from regional merchant to national treasure Charles Dickens’ strategy for selling more books was to travel around Britain giving public recitals of his work on busy street corners. In about 1870, he arrived in Shrewsbury where he read The Old Curiosity Shop outside The Lion Hotel on Wyle Cop hill. Later, he walked onto his balcony at the hotel and recalled: “One leaned over a queer old rail and looked all downhill and slantwise at the crookedest old black and yellow houses.” Dickens had spotted Tanners, a drinks business founded in 1870 by William Tanner who delivered ale, spirits and fortified wine by horse and cart to a 20-mile radius. Like Dickens, William had travelled extensively, as a ship’s captain. By the 1890s,...

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